Forrest Trail Maps

In 2022 and 2023, the Forrest Trails have had a lot of work done - new trails were added, others were resurfaced and realigned. This is a huge project that is still ongoing. As such, the signage is a work in progress and currently there are conflicts between the signage you see on the trails and the maps.

We recommend downloading the Trailforks app to help you navigate while riding. It is free to use on the trails that are within your current 5km radius, so when you are in Forrest, it will be free to view our trail network.

Numbering on Trails

The signage is in the process of being updated and you will see a variety of signs on the trails.

New signage at the Southern Trails is black with trail branding on it. If referring to trails by number, you will need to specify "Number 7 at the Southern Trails" as opposed to "Number at Yaugher".

Current signage at the Yaugher Trails uses small squares with numbers with the background matching trail difficulty eg green circle, blue square, black diamond, or orange fingerboards with trail names.

Southern Trails Signage
Southern Trails Signage
Old/Existing Signage
Old Southern Trail/Current Yaugher Signage
Southern Network Forrest MTB Trails
Yaugher Network Forrest MTB Trails
Forrest MTB Trail Map